Wellcome to the OLD homepage of the generics!

In our life there's a lot of room for magic and from time to time we return to wonderland.


The band were from 1993 - 2005:

Uli Kunz (guitars)  from rigth .......

Petra Kammeyer (vocals, keb, guit) has left the band in 2005 

Harald Schweim (drums)

Michael (Michi) Horn (keyboards, vocals)

Bernd Rössler (bass, vocals)  ...... to left


and since 2005 - 2013 Joerg Dussa (bass), therefore the additional photo left,

         Joerg           Uli                            Michi                  Petra                 Harald

The Generics were founded in 1993 in Berlin and played there until 1996. In this time we made two early recordings.

From the recording-session of "time to move" (which anticipatory title!) we took some pictures to be seen HERE. For job- reasons some of us had to leave Berlin, so there was „radio silence“ in the band until autumn 1998. Than we decided to set up a new project and met again in Berlin at the old locations. There we recorded the third CD of ‘The Generics’:  „magic islands“.

On this CD we presented our very special choice of exclusively self-composed material. It  was recorded analog as ‘one takes’ during a mammoth  session  at the “wurstfabrik” at eastern 1999 in Berlin.To the recordings additional vocals and sometimes guitars and effects were added in summer 2000 and published the CD X-mas 2000. In late 2000 we decided to try the "virtual band". That means, the majority of the band played and recorded the songs at "harperrows" the minorty added their parts via the net.  In the next years we established the technical facilities for that.   From 2002 until 2004 we have composed about 25 songs and recorded them. A choice of 17 of them are to be found on the 2004 CD.

 In 2005 some new changes occured. The distance between Petra and the rest of the band is too big, so she left in friendship. Maybe sometimes a new project like a session with her will occure. We tried seveal solution with other singers, (example Andi, see picture)

  all failed.

 But the "three of us" are still working on new songs, so the story may be continued ...........

The only "single-release" from  the  CD "without you" is "new entry"  in its first week in the internet-radio-charts as to be seen below:

 For the early history of the band with pictures click here!

There is a video of making "magic islands". From these we took some pictures.

These are the cover and the song-list of third CD. It's a mixture of songs from "melodic-soft"  to "harder" and includes two of our softer "world-hits" (citated from fans) called "Seaside" and the love song "Amor" deadicated to our  magic island.  They were the best songs we ever composed until  the new CD was published , marvellously sung by Petra (in spanish) with an ingenious double voiced part with Michi.

The  best ranking of songs of "magic islands" -  songs at track 4:

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Prof. Dr. Harald G. Schweim, Mevissenstr. 8, 50668 KÖLN. 

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